Pick a Skin
Skin : MT_Default

This is a default MT template

Skin : Skin1

This is a generic design I think I scraped from domesticat. I really don't remember but it was the first alternat skin available.

Skin : VB

This is my first design. It's a visual basic look and feel. It can get a little confusing to look at though. 800X600

Skin : faded

A Simple New Skin

Skin : halloween

It's just me !

Skin : jerry_only

I did this for Marc but he didn't ever use his Blog... No interest I guess so here it is on my site...

Skin : newyear

If you want it to be New Years already and here's the skin ...

Skin : puppy

In honor of our new member of the family, Ariel 10/05

Skin : rabbit
Default Skin

Trying to be creative. I failed, but I still like it...

Skin : thanksgiving

Hey I took the time and created this Thanksgiving skin just for you... Design was by me but the two images are from freeimages.com.

Skin : xmas

IT Christmas already and here's the holiday skin ...

The setup of skins for vance.forste.net was made possible by a tutorial by Domesticat with MT help by love-productions.