June 29, 2006

Sleep Tight

Well the new Mattress came last night. So we slept on a nice new mattress.
Anyone need a barely broken in king size mattress... While I'm sure it will hit the garbage, I really hate throwing it out.
Anyway, I'm not too sure I got a better night sleep on it, but when I talk to Sha and I'll find out her scope on it. I like it but it seems smaller for some reason. and it's much taller than the old one.

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June 27, 2006

At your command

Well, at Sharon's request, I will update. I think she should update too ! But for safety of my life I will shut up ;-)

Let's see what happened ...

Last week I originally had planned to go on vacation, but work had other plans for me. I spent the entire week at our warehouse, peddling for problems with the pet project. Of course problems arose, but none to large to deal with. So the plan was to delay it one week. This week. Well that idea ended at roughly 10:30am today. Vacation is over. But I got one day out of it. I guess I should'nt complain.

The weekend, well that was utterly useless, weather and all just was horrendous so other then puttering around the house. Not much to say. I mean Saturday I was exhausted from the week so rest was in order. Monday however was the day to get things done. Many phone calls were made to take care of some items regarding the house. And in the early evening I finally took Sharon for a new Mattress. She's only been asking for 5 or 6 years now so I thought it was time. So that will be here Weds. night.

The boat, Well in short, I need a new mechanic. Not because there's so many things wrong with it. It's because the guy simply does'nt do the work in a timely fashion and does'nt make or receive phone calls and is extremely hard to get in touch with. All I can say is, don't use CVG marine if you need it done ASAP. Anyway this is the last time I deal with him, if I can help it. 3 weeks to have a carburator re-rebuilt. It was supposedly done last year before I even bought the boat, but apparently not a good job, so he needed to do it again. Like I said, that was 3 weeks ago. And he promised it in a few days. He blamed the weather and anything he could think of. So what can I do. Right now the carb is in his hands so I can't even bring it someplace else. And I would'nt want to anyway cause this job was already paid for by Angelo... So why should I pay for it again. Uggg

Oh yeah I also helped Marc put in his new Air conditioner... 10000 BTU. Enough to have to defrost your balls before leaving the house.I like the tag $60 a year to operate. I seriously doubt that. That might be if you only use it for 1 week a year.

I also finally got the ethernet connections into their appartment from J's line. Now J can bill em a little more ;-) but of course it's still not fully working either. Jessica's laptop is on the fritz, and Marc's PC is to far away from the jacks. I'll have give him a nice long wire tonight to use.

I hope that's update enough for ya.

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June 19, 2006

I don't want a pickle

Another weekend gone. Another nice weekend wasted !

I was stuck on call, and without a proper remote connection, anywhere other than my house. I was not able to stray very far. I had a cell modem, but I did'nt feel it was really reliable if I really needed it. So, of course I was'nt even called. You could say this is a good thing, but it seemed like our sacrafice was for nothing. But the reason was for a specific monumental project of importance. And the accomplishment without needing me, means we did what we where supposed to do and got it done right, without issues.

That means alot !

But something tells me that the next few weekends weather, will not even compare with this one. Par for the course ! That something is Accuweather.

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June 13, 2006

I jumped over a puddle and got wet

So the boat is in the agua as on Saturday... Applause Applause...

I was hoping J would come out with me but he had already decided that he did'nt want to do anything that involved something. And this involved something so he opted for nothing. I can understand, I wish I had that option... I need that option.

But there was work to be done.

So Kevin and I where on it !

We installed a cheapo stereo that don't seem so cheap to me. It's a sony, but the price was right. And the GPS/Sonar thing a mabob. Pretty simple installs, just a little time consuming, crimping all the wires. I hate using electrical tape, so I used those crimp joints. That's what made it so time consuming.

So I installed the wiring for the stereo, and while I was doing that, Kevin ran the cable for the transducer (the thing that senses the depth) from the transom (back of the boat) to the bow (the front). Then Kevin and I pulled out the old, non functional, in dash fish finder. Unfortunately the hole for the old one was a touch larger than I needed. So we had to come up with a solution, but that was pretty much Saturday's work load...

So Sunday morning came and I came up with the idea of using a cutting board to cover the hole and cutout the hole in the cutting board for the new one. I was just getting ready to cutout a peice of my new one, when I realized that Grandma may have one, and I don't have to destroy the one we use. I did'nt think anyone would mind me snagging it. Anyway as it turns out she had a perfect one, the exact height i needed. I only had to cut off about 2 inches from one side and cut my hole. Sweet ! Worked pretty well I think, and I'll always think of my Grandparents when I'm out one the boat. I just hope I don't hear Grandma telling me to slow down and such..; ;-)

About 1:30 Kevin and I hopped on our faithful steeds and took a nice ride back out there. It was definately a nice ride. So we got to the boat, drilled screw holes, and screwed the cutting board in place. Plopped in the device. We then proceded to prepare the area to glue the transducer puck to the bottom (inside) of the boat. Got the epoxy mixed, smeared it on and glued that sucker down. Now I can play with the device...
Brian showed up during the glueing process. He had wanted to get out and I told him where we'd be, so he took a ride out. Anyway I decided that we were going to take it out even though there's something wrong with the boat (explained). So we took the bad boy out for a spin. Chaned the ponies together and got all aboard. Took a nice little ride. Made a big circle around land. Got it opened up pretty good... Watched the depth finder do its job.

However... The carb was rebuilt just before I purchased it, as a purchase requirement, and of course it is acting up still. Somewhere around middle throttle it bogs down. The mechanic claims it was not done properly the first time around so it needs to be rebuit again. I would tend to agree and the cost of doing it is not my problem. Thank god ~!

Anyway back on land we hopped back on the iron horses and headed homeward. Whilst Kevin, Brian and I where on our adventure, the ladies where on one as well. We all got home within the same half hour. Then brought the rest of the Miller family over, broke out the BBQ and cooked up some food.
Cleaned up afterward, and called it a day.

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June 08, 2006

Still Landed

Here it is June 7th and the "Little Mermaid" (Yeah I know it's corny) has yet to see the water. I'm a little aggrevated with the guy but there really is'nt much I can do. I can't exactly put it in the water myself !


Looks good on land though...

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June 07, 2006

It looks like a pickle to me

Does anyone else see the uncanny resemblance ?

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June 01, 2006


I added Viper guestbook to the main site... Try it out...
click it

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