January 27, 2006

laughing at my desk....

When I read this I actually broke out laughing at my desk... Click here

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January 26, 2006

Google on!

I know where I stand on this... this

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Google on (cont'd...)

Update : 10:25am 1/27

Now if you've had a chance to review the link in my previous post I guess it's safe to say you either agree or disagree with Google. I whole-heartidly agree with Google's approach and I think there is alot of good thoughts. The request that was made by the DOJ may sound harmless, but it's only the first request. This is not the end... I think MSN is a little naive to think they are protecting their users in complying. In fact most people use MSN search and don't even know they are. I also have to ask why the attempt at keeping it under cover. If they felt they needed to keep it from their users, they obviously knew a large part of them would be opposed to providing it. Is'nt that the reason you're in business in the first place ? The users ?

The issue, we are told, is to find out what children were looking at. Personally I don't believe that even for a minute. If that is the case, I think this should be resolved by parents anyway. If parents are too lazy to care about what their children are doing on the net, it's really not the government's job to be a babysitter. If a parent cannot trust their child then don't give them uncontrolled access. Do you let your 5 or 14 year old play with the stove or matches ? It's that simple. Not to mention what the DOJ is looking at WILL NOT GIVE THEM THEN ANSWER TO THEIR INQUIRY. It will tell them how many horny people there are out there, adults and children combined. So of course this is going to result in more inquiries. They can't get any usable info from what what alledgedly provided without another request. However the next request will have more power behind it because now they have initial proof. The next request will require personal identification. And yes, require, because now they can push this from inquiry to investigation. If the DOJ really wants to help then buy every parent a copy of Net Nanny or whatever parental application they find to be effective and butt out. Let parents do their job. If it was dangerous to a childs welfare I may be able to say, yes get involved. In no way is looking at pornography going to cause any physical harm.

My opinion here, is that this will lead to the government controlling the internet content in the United States. This is the reason for my dismay. It gives them the first rung on the ladder. Do we really want to turn into China here and control the content that is available.

I don't know much the law, and I don't claim to be an expert. But the internet should not be governed by the any one government. Especially not this one. I don't trust them at all ! and there is nothing you can say to sway me to believe otherwise, but I'll digress because that a whole other topic.

The internet, or World Wide Web, although it may have been created for military purposes, has turned into a global product and is not owned by the United States nor should it be governed by the United States. I agree that there are illegal activities that probably would'nt hurt to control. But as I'm sure you know, outlawing and banning and controlling doe'snt fix the problem. Music sharing and video sharing is proof. They only think they've won the battle. They have'nt even broken the surface.

Well I'm not to sure what I wrote is understandable or even fact... but my intention is to point out that Google is really the only search engine that is looking out for us and our privacy. To just jump and give information without thinking of the consequences is lazy and kiss ass. I think Google deserves kudos for looking out and standing up for us...

The United States Citizens, their user base and the Internet ...

Note : I changed the time on this entry so it appears after the previous post... It was originally posted at 23:30 on 1/26 in case you're interested.

Here's some more info in case you want to read more about it... I've really only perused these links but they seem like valid articles...


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January 17, 2006

Think Quick

Where would you be if you were not where you are right now ?

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Lost Entries

Damn I lost a few entries... I forgot to change the server pointer when the server was being changed out and I was posting to the wrong server. Now I can't remember the other servers IP address to go get them back. Uggggg...

Update : I found the old IP and the server is no longer there... Oh well... Such is life.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

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