November 30, 2005


My Grandmother passed away on 11/11 in the hospital. I really feel like a chunk of me has been removed. It's funny no matter how much someone can drive you nuts it really does'nt matter in the long run. I've lived in the same house with her for 24 years of my life. I may have had a lot of complaints about some of her thoughts or actions, but at the same time she was my sanity. She was the overruling power in my life. If there was a real problem in my life I went to her to make it all better and she always said or did something that would make it better for me. She new me better than anyone else and I cannot even express how big the loss is in words... I know many in the family felt the same.
I have plenty I could add and I'm sure I will at some point however I feel lost.

Update : I made the date a little too early (10/11) as UM pointed out. The actual date is 11/11... Tanx

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November 10, 2005


Well most who come here know Grandma is in the hospital. I did'nt mention it here because I thought silence may be best. But I want to post about it, so I'll just leave a status update.
For those of you who do not know, she had one of her kidneys removed due to a spot of cancer. She also had a piece of colon removed as well as a hernia repair. The surgery was on last Weds November 2nd and she is still in ICU to date. She's had a number of complications at this point none of which are minor. But I still have high hopes for her recovery. She a tough one even at her age. I don't think she's gonna give up so easily... She put it best "She has good healers". She was was refering to healers as a person but she was a little delerious and it's still good. Although it probably does'nt mean much the delerium is the part that gets to you when you are visiting. I mean she's said some pretty cooky things. But hey what can you expect...
Anyway ...
The remaining kidney has not taken over and is forcing the need for dialasys. Yuck, but hey if that's the worst of it I'll take it.

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November 09, 2005

Spammers Delight

In case you have'nt not noticed this site has been comment spammed. I've been pretty quick in removing them, but if you notice it just ignore it. I'll put something in place if it gets out of hand, but at this point it's managable.

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November 08, 2005

Forgot to mention

I changed the prop Saturday morning and it's better than before.

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Patience for Stupidity

I have no patience for anyone anymore. Not a good thing. I've always been pretty good at dealing with most peoples quirks, ignorance, arrogance, lack of respect, etc... and lately I find myself getting frustrated rather than just shrugging it off. It's like nails on a chalk board to me. Now I have my little quirks too. I am no exception I'm sure, but I don't have to deal with myself.

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November 04, 2005

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...

I had to separate these into their own section...

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November 02, 2005

A little black spot

Well if your interested in sattelite imagery go check out Google Earth and download this thing. It's truly to cool. If only it was real time. Trust me you're going to be hooked !

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