August 15, 2005


It's August and I really have nothing much to say. I've been busy, maybe a bit too busy. But nothing to peak any interest. It's been all work and very little play. In fact the bike has barely moved in over a month. Partially due to the fact there's been threat of rain every day.
We finally did something in the bathroom at the other house though. Installed a new sink and base. The old one was pretty retched. In fact it was in such bad shape it took all of 5 minutes to get it out. The pipes literally broke and what was holding it fell out. No need for a wrench even. We put a peice of indoor outdoor rug over the ugly old tile floor. Took out the fancy medicine chest... It was pretty ugly and in bad shape too. But we could'nt find another one the same size, so I'm going to clean this one up and sray paint it the best I can and put it back. There is a fancy wood picture frame on it that looks too gawky, so I'm just going to slap some wood on it and call it done. It looks pretty good though. I think J will like it. But there's still more to be done. The tiles in the lower tub area are falling off and the rest of the wall could really use to be grouted, and the faucets leak. So as with every project, it's not done yet, but we are getting there.
On one hand I wonder why my father in-law let it get this bad, he was good with this stuff, but on the other hand I don't wonder... Who want's to have to do it... I don't blame him at all for letting it go for a while... It was'nt like the house was going to fall down because of it... So why not ...

Well I'm sure I could keep going, and maybe I will. but not right now ...

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