June 15, 2005

Poopy Cam Scores 2

The poopy cam score 2 piles yesterday morning. Shortly after the sun came up... The poopy culprit was none other than .... (drum roll please) a cat !
Now I've got the proof I need if I am confronted again. I burnt it to dvd last night. Apparently it did'nt work too well though. No matter I've got the digital file. I'll post a clip soon just for your poopy enjoyment.

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June 13, 2005

Poopy Cam

Oh yeah... Yesterday I set up "Poopy Cam". The direct result of someone not believing the truth. I'm out to prove that our poopy animal is not a little hairy white dog. Even Grandma knows it's not the dog and told her so. I'm glad for that, but still pissed. My plan is to catch a poop or 2 and give the video tape to the accusers. I know it's childish, but if I don't prove it, I'm stuck being blamed for something I cannot control and it makes me furious.

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S-C-A-M gone wrong

I'm sure you've all gotten scam e-mails before, like I've got a million dollars and I want a bank to put it in. Please good friend if you send me your bank info i will give you half. Well read this one here.

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June 08, 2005

Cannot win

Anybody who knows me, knows how I am. I'm not disrespectful and I am not big on lies. So I'll tell a little story of my sunday.

A couple of weeks ago I made a short little fence with 2x3's and lattice so Ariel does'nt get any ideas to jet down the alley when she see's someone she knows. So we had this fence in the alley for extra protection. She listens and stays away anyway, she is a great dog. But to my point...

She was hanging with my on the deck when the neighbors daughter pops her head in the yard. Now she said hello and got right to her point of her visit to the yard. One was that the fence, that I was given permission to put up by the way) stopped her from using the yard for parking. Now this is not so bad in itself because she's not here ever so she maybe did not know that if this fence is up, I am in the yard. I NEVER leave it up if I am inside for more than the time it takes to get a glass of water. So be it.

The next issue on her agenda was to discuss the poop that has been appearing in her mothers yard. Now I know I have a dog, and I know it poops, but I also know that this poop did not come from my dog. I attempted to explain to her, that maybe a sick cat or something, and that even though it's not my dogs poop I do pick it up if I see it. I mean why do I want to look at it, and, I did not want this exact thing to happen. I am not like that and never would I intentionally leave poop in their yard. Well she decided to get a little nasty with me claiming her mother saw the dog, and that she has cats and knows that they NEVER do this type of thing, bla bla bla.

First off, I know for a fact the dog never did this. I have my eye on her the whole time she is in the yard unleashed. The fence is'nt up so I can just let her go and not have to pay attention to her. It's up so I have the confidence she can't run out and get hit by a car. On top of it, she only goes in that yard when someone is in Rich and Stacy's yard. I also know it's kind of hard to believe, so I knew I could'nt blast off no matter how much I wanted to. Her mother probably saw Ariel sniffing one but not making one. Second off sick cats will go anywhere, I know, remember I have four, I am familiar with their habits. But hear I am getting blamed for something that is totally out of my control. I cannot stop whatever is leaving gifts the yard. I'm pissed, embarassed and insulted all at the same time.

To make matters a little more stressfull, the reason the daughter was hear was to visit her friends 2 houses down. The same people who rent the garage in the yard. Well son of a gun, the same kids who like to trample things in the adjoining yard to theirs. I won't even get into that cause that's a whole other issue. But the point is I know they don't like the 2 foot fence up, cause they think that I just leave it out all the time and they can't send their kids over unattended cause of the 2 foot fence. Now I've offered many,many times to move it when they come, but the answer is always "no leave it, they can wait there". But I know that they put this on the fire even more cause while the adults where talking in their private yard, all the kids (remember kids don't always know when to keep it shut) where basically making it quite obvious on the topic of their conversation by pointing and loudly commenting "See that's dog poop" like I had said it was'nt poop... I simply stated it was'nt the dog.

So hear I am inspecting their yard every time I'm in the yard to make sure nothing is there. Sure enough, Ariel has not even been out of the house yet this morning and there it is. Fresh poop... Ugggg ... I don't mind the fact that I have to pick it up, I really don't. What I mind is that everytime she looks out her window she's thinking I let my dog poop there and just left it, and I did'nt. I really should'nt let it get to me, but it does !

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