April 29, 2005

Doo Wop Ditty Dum Ditty Doo

I must be insane. Or atleast heading that way. I won't say much yet, buuuut....
Anyone wanna buy my bike ?

    2003 Harley Davidson XLH-1200S (Sport)
    100th Year Anniversary Model

    • 2500 Miles
    • Extended Warranty till 01/08
    • Vivid Balck with Anniversary Emblem and Silver Stripe
    • Powder Coated Silver and Black Engine
    • Dual Front brake
    • Vance & Hines Straight Shots Exhaust
    • Speedometer / Tachometer cluster
    • Adjustable suspension
    • Forward Controls
    • Billet Clock
    • Removable Sissy Bar, Pad and Rack
    • Chrome Saddle Bag Supports
    • Saddle Bags

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April 21, 2005

Same Sex Marriage

Okay, so today I'll turn on rant. 1010wins set me off this morning with a blip about gay marraiges, so I'll post my view.

My view is really simple. From what I can see is the fight is really all about making it legal. Of course that's if you have the view that religion is in the eye of the beholder. Don't forget each religion can have it's own beliefs and views on what a marriage is. In turn they could create the "Church of Homosexuality" much like the "Church of England". Henry VIII formed the "Church of England" because he felt the need to split from Rome. So obviously that's not it. The want to be recognize as a legal entity. According to Webster the word mariage is suitible, so why not legally? Well that is the question at hand. Well as we all know the reason for a legal marriage is money. So are they spending the same money as homosexual partners as we do as traditional partners in the same ways we do ?Are they paying the same sales tax, homeowners tax, etc...
Of course they are ! So on your 1040 when you check off married, do you think it has anything to do with the fact that you are able to have traditional intercourse. Do you think that's the reason for being able to claim married on your taxes. The simple fact is, there is no reason the government should not recognize "same sex relations ships" as a legal joining, with the same rights and privledges as a traditional couple. If they want to give it a different name other than marriage, so be it, but it should be the same. In short it's all about the bling bling.

Well enought of my political rant. I'm don't usually address this type of thing, but I figured while it's on my mind I'll pass it along.

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April 20, 2005

More changes...

I made some more changes to forste.net. The news section is now functional and the jokes section is now categorized... Big deal right. Well I have many more ideas to come. List includes...

  • User submitted articles/jokes
  • Moderators (You may be able to be one)
  • Media Uploads (Images/clips/flash)
  • User restricted area (for what I don't know yet)
  • My unfinished works (Programs I wrote and kind of work)
  • A software review... Maybe even a demo area for them.
  • The secret weblog area... (I think I may password protect the weblogs for registered users only)
  • Bring the photo's section back to life....
  • etc...

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April 12, 2005

Things You Should Never Do

Netscape Follies Part I
vb.Not quotes

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April 08, 2005

Oops ... I forgot.

You know I totally forgot about this skin...

I did it way back and it's just been sitting there disabled...

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What you talkin bout Willis

I'm in a funk... But you know what. I got some sleep last night and I feel a bit better. For some unknown reason, I can't ever get enough sleep. I wonder if it's one of those thyroid things... or maybe I'm just lazy. But anyway just when you think you're starting to catch up, something happens to bring you back to where you were. Blah.
Here's something to look at though...


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April 01, 2005



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Tee Hee


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