March 28, 2005

Say what...

Well here it is another monday. I'm tired and it's raining outside.
I dunno 2005 is starting to give me the creeps. Angelo next door passed away on March 20th. It's kind of odd too. The start of it all was a fall. A broken leg and shoulder, nothing more. But I guess with age and surgery all other things go wrong and you have to be really strong in order to keep on after such an ordeal at that age.
Well, God rest his soul. He was a good person.
With that in mind, nothing much has been happening other that trying to straighten out my the father-in-laws estate. Unfortunately there is'nt much we can do until the lawer gets his paperwork completed. I mean we've done alot to try to get the ball rolling faster, but it seems like we're fighting a stalemated battle.
So another thing we did was, we brought the Fred's dining room furniture to our apartment and are now using it. Amazingly it matches very well in it's new home. And Sha is happy with it, so that's what matters. I think it looks good too, but the table is much bigger than ours and I liked the fact that ours was smaller. However the china cabinet is perfect. Even the colors just fell into place, like we picked them out. So, we brought ours over to his house, until we decided what exactly is going to happen with the house.
We had Easter dinner at our house with the Miller's and had a nice time. Sharon had bought a nice BIG roast pork and was going to invite gma for Easter dinner, but gma never told us she was going out to UM's for easter. It's really our fault for being so last minute. Unfortunately that's the way we are... and things don't work out all the time for us. I'd like to say we really gotta stop that, but I know we won't, so I'm not even going to waste the thought.

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March 15, 2005

Off to a bad start...

Well January and February went by in a blink of an eye.
We were scheduled to go to SanDiego. Our plans got re-aranged by weather for the most part. Our plane flight had a hold over in Atlanta, after a scary landing. Sharon and I decided to abort the trip. She felt quite sick so it was better for both of us. So we stopped by Bruces instead... I was able to see my father and my nephew. We got some pictures and got a short visit in. We also drove the whole return trip.
And even though there is some good that has come in 2005 so far only the worst is most memorable.
On the 4th of March of 2005 my father-in-law passed away at 58 years old. Unfortunately we only found out on the evening of the 5th. With no explanation, we have to accept something that is unacceptable. No warning, No nothing. Uncle Phil came to us worried that something was wrong but we could'nt beleive it. We went there to check and unfortunately he was correct.
I really don't have to much more to say at the moment, but I do plan to add more soon...

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