September 24, 2004

Down to a Science

It's Friday... It's 4:25 ... Almost time to go home.

I'm looking forward to hopping on the bike and riding home. I'm sure I have plenty to do at home, but I just can't remember what. It's really getting crazy around the house. I have no idea where all the work is coming from. Sharon's working now so I guess that's not helping. I know I don't do all that much around the house, but the little bit I do do has doubled.
But hey it's the weekend. Time to get things done. Hey wait a minute I thought it was time to relax. Grrrrrr....
Oh yeah I forgot to mention. Some lady actually hit me on the bike Weds. morning on the way to work. She was making a left onto Myrtle from a side street and did'nt see me. I was accelerating from the light and I saw her edging out. I locked up the brakes she kept moving and she tapped my nice new saddlebags. Actually I'm glad I had the bags. I'm not too sure it would have been as small of an incident as it was if it was'nt for them. Added feature, bumpers... I was a bit frazzled but what do you expect. The bike almost got laid down but I was able to keep it from going down completely, thank god. It was in slow motion but hey you try to hold up 600lbs with one leg while it's leaning on you. Anyway the lady was lucky I was'nt in the Durango cause I would have shredded her. There would have been no way I could have avoided her. She would have been killed for sure. She had a UPS truck and a delivery truck on either side and she would have been embedded in the deliver trucks grill.
Don't forget I was accelerating and the Durango gets up there fast. Well nothing came of it. I stopped at the diner grabbed a coffee to calm down and continued to work. Late as usual.
Jason is going to attempt to come home on the 15th of October. he's not 100% sure from what I understood but it sounded like it was pretty much a lock. He's got 5months and a few days to go by my calculations. I'm sure he has it down to the minute and is counting down.

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September 21, 2004


This has to be one of the funniest articles I've ever read... and the comments are even funnier.
Try to decide if it's serious or not. Let me know what you think.... lol

Hacker Children

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September 20, 2004

Old - New


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September 18, 2004

and some more

More Puppy pics....

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September 15, 2004

Not too shabby...

Well I finally had the time to hack MT to automatically resize the images on upload. I've been meaning to do this for like 2 years now. I finally got to it. I figured we're prolly gonna be uploading a lot of dog pics so I better do it now. It took the better part of the night to figure out MT's coding but I succeeded and I'm happy with it ;-)

You may or may not understand the reasoning but I'm sure you've seen images load on the screen that are huge. These are high resolution pics... Printable size is much smaller on thee images but due to the resolution they appear huge on the screen. My current camera is only a 3.3 megapixel camera and the images are still way to large for viewing on the screen, unless it's reduced. Anyway we had to reduced the pics manually everytime we wanted to post an image. That just gets to be tedious when you need to do a few images in photoshop. There are batch programs but they don't really help all that much.

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September 05, 2004


I feel like shi$# ... I sick... Nothing else...
Pinguin Heads

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September 02, 2004

Under the Sea

Well it looks like the pup has a name...
We seem to have settled for Ariel. It's not the best name but it's not the worst... Sharon should post the list and I can put up a voting page.

Put some comments here on names...

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