August 31, 2004

I shoulda known this

Hey look what I can do ....

Click Here

Big fat hairy deal right .... ;-)

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August 30, 2004

Cat's outta the bag

So now that the cat is out of the bag. We will are getting another animal. It's a Maltese puppy. It's a tiny little son of a gun. In fact it will never be bigger than the cats. Our next door friends/neighbors Stacy's cousin breeds her pups occasionally and we were offered one of the pups. Not for free of course but at a friendly price. Rich and Stacy got one a couple of months ago too, and it's one of those dogs that make you laugh.

On the last storm my biggest pond fish seemed to have commited suicide, by jumping out of the pond. Then a couple of days later, we had a racoon raid the pond and killed all the rest of the fish but one. What sucks is these fish survived the brutal winter only to get killed by a damn coon. I was hoping they would make another winter. So yesterday I replenished the pond. I added 10 cheapo feeder fish. 2 koi, and 2 pond fish. I went over to Paradise to pick them up.

Finally had the bike in for it's 1000 mile check up... Even though it has like 1400 on it... The had a maintenence contract for $1100 that I bought. It covers pretty much all maintenence on the bike till 65000 miles... Since each is abount $300 and there are 12 check points, in the long run that's a big savings... Also went over to Rolling Thunder to see about getting mounts for saddlebags. Unfortunately my bikes shocks are larger than usual and get in the way of most bag mounts, so I have to have the mounts modified a bit. I think it'll be worth it. Whenever we go places we're always carrying to much. This will make it a little easier and the bike a bit more functional. I definately need a shed for the bike though. It's such a pain in the arse with the cover. I have to take everything off the bike and bring it inside. I can't keep helmuts with it or anything. So taking the bike out becomes a project sometimes. It's much cheaper to take the bike to work tooo between gas and tolls. It takes too much time in the morning to get together. And me being a late person as it is can't afford to waste anymore time. Grandma thinks a shed will raise her taxes so she does'nt really want me to put one up. When I first bought the bike though, it was her idea to get/build a shed. Go figure... I dunno maybe someday.

I also did'nt mention it but the truck was in the shop for quite some time as well. The damn horn kept blowing for no apparent reason. So I brought it in to Dodge to have it taken care of. It turned out there was a short being caused by the airbags. It took 3 weeks to get the damn part. I was using the Mustang for the past 3 weeks. Just makes me mad. I bought the truck for less problems and still I wind up at the shop. Grrrrrrrrrr. Well it's back now, and so far no mystery horn, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

In PDS news.

The newest customers :

  • Rinaldi Design
  • OverTorque
  • Stricktly Roots Entertainment in the works.
    Who will be next .... If only I had more time to get out there and sell...

    PDS is now able to register domains with eNom. This is going to be a great added value to customers. No need to register domains with other registrars.

    I am also looking into purchasing a better software package for managing the clients Currently my choices are :

  • lpanel
  • modernbill
  • whmautopilot
  • develop a package

    I like lpanel so far but I also would'nt mind developing a new package. Think about this I would be able to sell it after it's completed to add to the PDS product line.... hmmmm

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  • August 14, 2004


    This morning at 2:30am a new creature was born... Hmmm what do I refer to... Well I know but you are to find out l8r.

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    August 11, 2004

    To much time on their hands...

    ban useless keys
    Support the cause

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    August 10, 2004

    I am so behind

    I've gotten myself sooo far behind again. I don't know why I do this to myself. I just seem to let things fall behind and then I have to catch up. It's so stupid of me to do this all the time. But atleast I know the bike is running great ;-)

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    August 02, 2004

    Secret Agent Man

    Busy weekend...
    Got a semi-early start, like 11:00. Cleaned up the house, did a real quick weed clean up in the yard and got out of the house by like 6. The intention for the day was to get out to Mom's by 4pm... Well if you know me, you know I don't make anything on time. But Marc and his girlfriend were supposed to follow us out there. The trip was supposed to be by bike and Brian was supposed to take his scooter as well, but unfortunately Marc's girlfriend bailed and since Marc is not driving my car and he refused to get on Brians scooter there were too many of us. So we took the truck. I was kind of disappointed but that's nothing new. We got there about 7ish, we had some BBQ, had a nice diner, chatted and headed home around 11.
    Sunday was supposed to rain so we thought a bike ride was out of the question. We took a ride out to Costco to get the emergency items. However, like usualy we found something else. Some miracle foam for the bed. It's like a 2.5" foam pad for over the mattress. It looks and feels like it's going to be comfortable but last night I definately was'nt thinking it was all that great. I'll be able to tell after a week or so. When we got home the weather was beautiful so we decided to do a ride. Brian came along. We made it to Ronkonkoma... On the way back, I ran out of gas (I knew I would) so I had to flip the bikes tank to reserve (a feature I wanted to try). Not a big problem at all. Somehow I lost Brian somewhere around New Hyde Park. I must say it is not an easy task to monitor someone behind you on a Harely... My mirrors vibrate like a love shack on a bumpy road. Everything I see jiggles. Brain was a bit upset but I'm sure he''ll get over it. It's not like I planned loosing him. The plan was to stop at Glendale Diner before hitting home. It did'nt happen cause we were not sure where he was and the time was ticking fast at that point, the gas issue and so on. So after finally getting in touch with B I decided it was better to head home.

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