June 20, 2004

Electric Bugaloo

Well I guess the electric bug has caught me. After installing the breakers I've found myself installing new fixtures in the entrance and the kitchen.


We changed dining areas as well as moving lights from one bedroom to another. The dining area is being a pain in the arse. I had to cut open the ceiling to mount a new box. The old fixture was mounted to a peice of wood dangeling off a beam. This really is not suitable for any fixture, but even less suitable for a ceiling fan. So that leaves me with no choice but to cut open the ceiling.


One good thing cam of it though. I found the cable that supplies the ceiling in Marc's room capped in the kitchen ceiling. That would explain why his room had no power... duh.

This is the inside the ceiling view of the cables. Ever wondered what it looks like inside a ceiling before.

I made the mistake of trying to connect it to the new box in the dining room ceiling. Not realizing that the box was already on a switch. Sometimes I just don't think, but atleast I have an excuse, I'm not an electrician, I'm a programmer. So needless to say I wasted an hour on that. So I decided to just install the ceiling fan I had in the ceiling, and continue running new power to it at another time.


So needless to say I had to close up the ceiling in the dining area and install the new ceiling fan. Another project gone sideways and askew.


Well another job done and one more job remove from the list of projects.

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June 17, 2004


You may have noticed that most of forste.net was down yesteday and most of today. Dopy me forgot to reset the server after a breaker had to be replaced yesterday, and another one added today. I can't believe I did'nt even notice. This is not something that usually slips by me, but it did. Thank god I have no customers on this server... Memory must be failing me.
I started working from home today after about 4 weeks. It went pretty fast. I'll probably be working from home for another week, possibly 2, but soon enuough I will be back into the ritual of getting up an doing the dreaded drive every morning again. It aint the job, it's the travel there I hate. It's been a nightmare for about 3 years now since they started doing all this construction. It's been non-stop and I'm fed up. A ride that should take 20-30 minutes takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes. There's no rhyme, reason or warning.

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June 04, 2004

A cartoon page

Birdie Foster as Herself

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Jay is home

Jason is home... We picked him up from LaGuardia today.

I'm still in a bit un-comfortable from this surgery but getting better by the day. The past couple of days it was quite annoying though...

You know, I should get a job with Home Depot... I was reading that they have profit shares and all kinds of great benefits. Looks like you can really make a good comfortable living in the long run.

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