May 27, 2004

A Week

Well it's been a rough week but I think the pain is subsiding. I have been able to get around a bit the past 2 days.
I can honestly say I am greatful to all who helped and wished me well on my recovery. This includes but not limited to the peoples that make my life bearable and helped me to a speedy, quick recovery. Your help has been well appreciated and will not be forgotten! I thank you... It has not been an easy for me to feel so helpless. Even though even without holes in me I am ... ;-)
This was not the cake walk I had anticipated. I'm not ready to venture out into the world yet, but atleast I blow my damn nose a bit now. Sneezing is still torture but hey, we can't have everything now can we. Surgery is definately humbling. It reminds you of how much you really enjoy doing all the things you were bored doing. It also reminds you of human nature and how you and your body fights to feel better. It truly is an amazing thing to have 3 holes in you and see them repair in front of your eyes. It also reminds you that all things heal in time not matter how drastic it seems. Hmmm.

Well enough of that and onward we go.

Jason, where the hell is you ? Cannot seem to grab ya lately. I've tried without luck.

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May 21, 2004

Kick'd in the groin

Well if you are ever wondering what it feels like to have hernia surgery. It feels lik you've gotten kicked in the groin about 20 or 30 times and then once every half hour afterward.
But yes I am home and alive. The surgery was thursday afternoon. I was sent home the same day. Islept as much as possible. Only problem with that is that I was up at 6am. I've been up most of the day. Sat out on the deck for a while too. I am able to hobble around the house atleast. Really slow like but atleast I can.
Oh and as another note. Never go to North Shore of Forest Hills. It is the most disgusting hospital I have ever been in. I was actually having second thoughts it was so bad. It reminded me of an office building that was neglected for a really long time. They blamed it on construction and repairs, but these repairs were long ofer due. Trust me this place should be shutdown. All the ceiling tiles were water stained, the floors were'nt even. The doors were stained and damaged. Even the operating floor was hideous.
But it's done now and I hope recovery is quick.

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May 18, 2004

Checking out

Checking out w.bloggar to post to the site... I don't know the point but this post is made with w.bloggar

In the news ...
Surgery Thursday. News at 11....

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May 13, 2004

I went Berry Picking today

Yup... I had so much trouble getting it. But now I got's me a Blackberry...

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May 11, 2004

Dude, I really gotta use the bathroom.

Well the bathroom was trashed but it's starting to look up already. I shut off the electric last night and proceeded to clean up the electrical. There were 2 boxes inside the wall and as any electrician will tell you, never hide a box inside a wall. You never know when you need to get to it. So I compacteded it down into 1 box that will be exposed under a wall fixture. I also mounted a new light in the drop ceiling. I threw in 2 drop tiles to see how it would look. So far it's looking good. However it looks like the shining light from heaven now. Instead of not enough light, it's way too bright. So next is to get the rest of the ceiling in an then build a new medicine chest. Fun, Fun, Fun...
Actually I don't mind so much. It is really kind of fun.

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May 10, 2004

Bathroom and Beyond

Worked real late Friday night... Had to go see a client in the evening.
Saturday took the bike to Hempstead Harley primarily for a checkup on the brakes. I've been getting some noises that kind of make me worry. They thought it was nothing though. Just part of breaking it in. So I'll deall with it for a while longer. If it keeps up they are going to have to do something about it though.
When I got back I went over to PasKo to finish up some odds and ends. So the office work there is almost completed. I have to get there one night to give them some type of training on how to use their site. But there are in pretty good shape at the moment.
Kevin and Cathy came over late in the evening, and we watched JaskAss and Viva La Bam for the rest of the night until about 3am

Sunday.... I got up araound 3:30... I did not want to sleep that late. I am usualy more tired than if I would have gotten up earlier. So the day not only started off late, it started off slow. I did'nt get in gear until atleast 5...
So we decided to try to recess the medicine chest in the bathroom. As per usual there were problems. A pipe in the wall was in the way. Glad I found out bfore I started cutting. So somehow we wound up also tearing out the old crappy ceiling as well.
We then went to Home Depot to get a new ceiling fixture. One that is mean for drop ceilings and solid tiles. We looked at the medicine chests they had but none of them suited us. So we decided to build our own with cedar planks into the wall using the doors from our current chest. So we did'nt get started really. Only did some tear out so far. I need to get the wiring fixed first. It's all jury rigged, messy and inaccessable. So I'm going to clean it up and put in all new. It should be a night or twos work.

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May 06, 2004

Open the Damn Door dude

So yeah as someone reminded me.
I talked to my dad the other day. Sunday I believe.

He seems to be doing fine. He's still working building houses. His boss apparently likes him quite a bit. Leaves him in charge and all. I thought Bruce was still working as a plumber. He had a decent job as a plumber, but I was informed that it did'nt last all that long. He appently got into a fight with the boss. The guy al·legedly said some things about his woman he did'nt like, so he blew up. But if you know Bruce, you know he's got a short fuse, it's not out of the ordinary. Now he's back in the job market. Yeesh.

The 4th was Cathy's birthday (Happy Birthday Cathy)... We stopped over to visit tuesday night for a little while.

On another note. I'm here at work today, and I used my alternate transportation to get here. So I finally got the bike out on a real trip. Yay for me.
Was windy as hell though, but hey atleast it's nice weather. Have'nt had much of that lately.
And hey is'nt that Billy Rund story a piss. I'd never expect a statement that strong from him. He was always kind of calm and reserved. I wonder what was running thru his mind. I guess all the persecution from his preferences got to him ? I dunno just a guess... I wonder if my friend Vinnie knows about this. I assume he must though. He's a NYC special weapons officer from the upper west side. I gotta call him and find out. I'd have really never known about this, but we ran into another old friend Joey O'Conner who gave us the scoop on this one.

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