April 29, 2004

It's an acronym...

doh I keep calling acronym's annograms...

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I moved the MFBRC last entry into the original entry. I'm going to just keep adding to the original and post a note when it's been updated. I think it will be much neater.

This weekend was kind of busy. Did some work at the Real Estate. Went to see Marty for his surprise BD party. And we went to look at a car for Marc.
An 88 Gran Prix.
Nice looking car, but it turned out to be a bomb. It was smoking like a pack a day. So we let it go. I got the guy to come down in price but it still was not worth it. It was out in the Island by mothers house, so we paid a visit there as well. I did however find out that a good friend of mine's, parent will be getting rid of a 93 LeSabre. Minimal price, so I figure the money it costs for it's repairs are well worth it. We shall see though.

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April 23, 2004

Motorcycle Safety Foundationís Basic Rider Course

Okay so I'm going to try to outline the course to the best of my memory. I gotta do it while it's still fresh in my mind. It's probably going to be in more than one part. So here we go.

Motorcycle Safety Foundationís Basic Rider Course

Lesson 1 (Learning the bikes controls)
Read your MOM (Motorcycle Operator Manual)

Lesson 2 (Proper motorcycle mounting.)
-Make sure you have on your motorcycle gear. Long pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves, eye protection (ie goggles), gloves. and helmet.
-From the left side of the bike, lean over your motorcycle and put your right hand on the right handlebar while depressing the front brake.
-Swing your right leg over the bike.
-Lift the bike to an upright position.
-Lift the kickstand or as they refer to it the sidestand.

Lesson 3 (Posture.)
You should be slightly leaned over to the front and your body should be loose. Your hand should not be on the front brake (unless of course you are braking). With you hands on the handlebars your wrists should be lower than your knuckles.

Lesson 4 (Starting the Bike)
Okay so to start the bike they give you FINE-C.
This means :


-Turn on your fuel.
-Turn on your key.
-Put the transmition in neutral
-Put the engine in the run position
-Open the choke (for a richer fuel to start)
-Depress the clutch

Now you can press the starter button to start your engine. After the engine starts, you can release the clutch(providing you really are in neutral). Leave the choke open until the bike warms. You can close the choke as the engine warms.

Lesson 5 (The Friction Zone.)
This is the point at which the transmission starts to engage while releasing the clutch while in first gear.
Start by depressing the clutch in and putting the shifter into first gear. Roll the bike forward a few feet by SLOWLY releasing the clutch and rolling the throttle slightly giving it a little gas until the bike begins to roll forward. depress the clutch completely and let the bike roll back. Repeat this a number of times until you get the feel of the zone where the bike begins to roll.

Lesson 6 (Power Walks)
Power walk the bike approx 80 feet, turn around and repeat. We did this roughly 6 times. Power- walking is rolling the bike under it's own power, but your feet never leave the ground. So you are kind of walking.

Lesson 7 (Slow Ride)
Ride the bike approx 80 feet, (very slowly), turn around and repeat. This was about 6-10 times.

Lesson 8 (Braking)
Using the brakes. The lesson was a straight ride about 80 ft and the come to a stop turn around go back to the top and repeat. This one was about 8 times.

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Schools Out

So yes I passed my Defensive Driving Course. This gives me the MC Endorsement. When it comes in the mail anyway.

I wanted to outline the class. Not only so I remember everything, but I think it will be a good reference. I' prolly gonna have to draw some of it. That's what I'm gonna get working on.

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April 16, 2004


Okay so we went tuesday night. We came back thursday night.
Somehow now I'm sick. Sharon is sick.

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April 13, 2004

Vacation at Home

Well I'm supposed to be at the Villa Roma at the moment, but I'm not. I'm not really all that disappointed on not being there. I'm more dissapointed about the weather. Hell I'm not too sure I want to go. The weather has made me feel all dreary. Makes me not want to do anything. I know we should go though. If not for the rest of the week atleast a few days.
In other news ...
PDS has 2 more customers.

Unfortunately Paradise is kind of stalled, but I will contact them next week to see where we are.

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April 08, 2004

Mind readers

Well if you aren't a mind reader,this is how you can tell I'm going on vacation.
Sux for us huh..

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new skin

well I modified a skin for marc even though he'll prolly never use it either. So I copied it to my blog too. So now I have a misfits skin too...
kewl huh...

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April 06, 2004

Bye bye kitty

Kitty from this entry has a new home now. A sister of a co-worker was looking for a kitten. I hope she is a happy little kitty. I kind of felt bad, but 4 cats are really enough. I don't think I could handle anymore than that. I have trouble handling the ones we have sometimes... I will miss it for a while though.

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April 05, 2004

good day, good company, good people

So what have I not said...

The truck is doing good... Seems to be a good decision.
Raining quite a bit lately so the bike has been under cover. It's been started for show but no other reason lately.
Marty graced our presense on saturday, and UM and AS were up visitin GMa. Marty was kind enough to bring the main course. He brought a nice big peice of meat that fed us all.... It was awsome. It was butchered in the kitchen and grilled to perfection. He also made garlic mashed taters. Sharon made the other side dishes (Carrots, Peas, Shrooms and tomaters) and the desert. 3 cheesecakes and apple crunch. I won't get into it. I'll let her tell that one. ;-)
So we had a "Thanksgiving diner that could'nt be beat".
And to top it off it was Marc's first day as an employee of Home Depot... It was training. So it turned into a celebration for he as well. It was "swell" ;-)

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