February 25, 2004

Made by Minolta

As acting COE (that Cheif of Everything in case you did'nt know) of Powerhouse Digital Solutions I (with permission from the boss) decided we needed a better way to present our work. So with that in mind I made an executive decision to spend money on this
Now the newest peice of hardware in the arsenal. I think it will be worth it's price. It will give the ability to print just about anything. Presentation material, marketing material, business cards and so on. Why don't you just use one of your many deskjet's you have floating around you ask. Well the answer to that is quite simple. They never work. If you don't use an inkjet on a regular basis the ink tends to dry up completely and/or you wind up with prints looking like a zebra. Not to mention the time it takes to print is substantially longer. I think that this printer
is an invaluable investment. I've been told that this printer also has phenominal reviews as well. I mean #1 as far as current color lasers under $1000.00. So wish me luck all...

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February 24, 2004

Something is a little fishy

Hey PDS went fishing the other day and came home with the catch of the day

Welcome to the newest PDS client Paradise Aquarium. I look forward to a long healthy business relationship.
The site may not yet be fully propagated around the internet yet, but I was hyper to put up the announcement so try it again later ok.

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February 19, 2004

Panama Palindrome

Do you know what palindrome is ...
This about it and then read on....

You don't know do you...

A palindromes is a word, phrase or a sentence that reads the same backwards as it does forwards.
Example : "A man, a plan, a canal—Panama." or "Madam, I'm Adam"

Now here's a doosy.

Okay enuff my lesson for the day is done ...

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Mis Understood

So after reading my last post, I realized that it could be mis-interpreted. I was not refering to myself. It was more of a rant. However after thinking about it either meaning is acceptable.

In other news. The little lady is doing a rather good job at refreshing her web skills. She's taken on her own project and I must say I'm impressed. Although we don't always see eye to eye on the visual aspect of a site, I think she's come up with decent look. Obviously there is somewhat of a standard blog look, but the rest is all her. Good job....

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February 11, 2004

Not me

Can somebody please explain to me how to get a job without ever going anyplace. A relevant question I think.
I'm fed up... I'm tired... I'm out...

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February 10, 2004

A bit better

Feeling a bit better today. The stomach is giving me some relief. I can't kick this throat pain though. It's been going since jan 29th... I don't understand why it will not go away. Whatever I guess. I will live.

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February 09, 2004


My gut feels like someone stuck an air pump to it. It's making me seel sick. The kind of sick that makes you want to yack. Had a horrible nights sleep and can't kick this feeling of yuck. Hopefully I'l feel a bit better later.

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February 08, 2004

Another day

Yes well it is another day. The weekend is close to over. Although I felt like I accomplished alot on Friday. The weekend itself was spent for the most part idle. I was even able to finally finish up the neighbors network. I've been having a hard job with it. It was supposed to be a simple setup that wound up being a project that just could'nt go right. Of course the answer to the problem was a simple one, but to get to that point was a different story. One problem seemed to lead into another.

The original project was cut and dry. Recover files from a bad drive, and install XP on a new drive. Make sure the 2 computers were able to access the network. Well the first part of recovering files is still going, but it's a slow automated process so I won't go into it. The second of installing XP on the machine was a horse of a different color. Onload of XP it would get a stop error each and every time. I upgrade the bios to the most current revision and still no effect. Now this is beyond me, but it turns out the machine is not completely compatible with XP. I still find it hard to believe, but yes folks, even though your machine might make all the system requirements your system bios may still not be compatible with XP. It's an HP machine so after scouring HP's site for info I found the info I needed... It is compatible but only after a special CD you have to purchase from HP. Even though I upgraded the bios it still needed it. Doh. So they decided to abort mission with the XP and use 2000. 2000 loaded without a problem. So now the machine is up and running. Yay.
Now this is not the finish of the project. Their prior network configuration was using this machine as a gateway to their DSL so I recommended purchasing a linksys cable/dsl router. To me ths is a cleaner configuration and has always been a 123 setup. Not this time folks, nope.
When I pluged the HP into the router it worked fine untill I plugged the other machine into the router. The other machine knocked the HP of the network. Both machines are using the DHCP server on the router, so they have unique addresses, so that's ot the problem. The older machine is able to access the internet but the new one is not. If I pull the old machine from the network the HP comes back. Now this is where I start to pull out my hair. This should'nt be rocket science but what the hell could be going wrong here.
So I start to think all kinds of strange things. One of which is the router is bad. This I removed from the list by plugging my laptop into the network with the HP. They co-existed. The second I plugged in the old PC it bonked em both off the network. Ok so atleast I know it's the PC causing the problem not the router or even the HP. This is a relief. So now I'm on to looking at the older PC.
The machine is a Packard Bell 333 Celeron with windos 98 installed, kind of old and klunky, but never the less functional. It also had some unique VPN configuration for their work. So I was lucky enough that uninstalling this was not an issue for them. Well no uninstalling and changes of settings had any effect. So the only other thing I came to think was, well the ethernet card is and older 3com 10mbps and maybe just maybe the router was'nt able to handle the 10mbps properly (this I never looked much into). So I decided to just install a 100mbps ethernet card in the machine. Simple enough right. NOT. Well this card I just could'nt get to work. I tried a couple of times even brought the machine back to the house to take a closer look. Damn thing did'nt want to go. The machine recognized it. It just did'nt work. So I'm going to cut this a little short cause I'm tired of this L O N G entry. It turns out the machines bios was setup for a non-plug and play os. After changing this setting all was okay.

If you are interested I might add to this entry to fill in more detail later. I'm sure your not though. ;-)

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February 07, 2004


Well I finally got to the DMV today. Well the result is I have one. You know what I'm talking bout. It has to do with my newest transportation device.
I feel like I've been productive lately. Yay for me.

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February 05, 2004


'CtrlAltDelete' Inventor Restarts Career
So Bill has no sense of humor... He'll get over it ;-)

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Happy Birfday

Happy Birfday to J, Happy Birfday to J
Happy Birfday dear Jason
Happy Birfday to J

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February 04, 2004


Some Optical Illusions for ya...

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