January 30, 2004

Jury Duty

So I went to Jury Duty yesterday.... Sucked.

I wanted to get on a case and all I did was got to sit in the hall doing nothing all day. I got picked once but then they claimed to have to many peple so they removed 20 people. I was one of them. I was pissed. So the rest of the day was spent staring around the room at all the people, and listening to some of the trying to get out of it. I sat next to the desk so I got to here all the BS that people come up with.
Well that was the early yesterday. The late yesterday was a war, and I'll keep that under the hat for now.
Until next time....

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January 28, 2004

and now a little politics


Sounds good but is it ?

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January 27, 2004

Skin it...

At this point it is unknow to you out there in viewer land that this site has been recently skinned.

I wanted to do this a LONG time ago with the main site and I never got around to it. I've made mutliple stylesheets available before but not a full scale skin.

This time around I got help from love-productions.com on the integration into MT. It's still basically a modified aproach from original concept found on domesticat.net. I took it a step further from the original by modifying the skin lookup. I don't like the idea of having to modify a file if I don't have to. So in turn I made it find the skins on its own. The original version is based upon a value that is pre-defined and I figured it should be dynamic.

Well it's not complete yet but you can play if you like. Let me know what you think. It's not like I've got tons of skins yet. There is only 2 but never the less this gives me creative freedom to have the site look as many ways as I feel. And if you don't like the way I feel then you can change it and look at it the way you want to. Simple huh.

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Sounds about right to me.

domesticat.net - 'posterior factual extraction'

I can't agree more. Now if I could only get my ass to do it. I'm always up and down, and these diets are really nothing more than temporary fixes to the real problems. Either it's eating to much or just not being active enough. In my case I'm fairly possitive it's do to the fact that I don't get much exersize. I mean what do I do with my time. At work, I a systems programmer, so I sit at a desk. The only movement I see is to get my nicotine dose or hit the head. Whoopty do.
I used to be active and was able to keep the weight down. Now to me exersize is bending over. I'm try to do something about it but even though I'm passionate about it, it aint enough to get me to do it. Hey I got one of those stationary bikes, a weight bench and I used to have a treadmill.. You think I used them. Take a wild guess.

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January 26, 2004

Don't I know you ?

Hi ... My name is Vance and I'm an addict.

Ms PacMan. It's not just a game. It's an addiction.

Do you remember when PacMan was like the biggest thing since fire. I do. I remember spending every red cent I had in any arcade game I could find. I would beg my parents for money to play PacMan/Asteroids/ Space Invaders and some of the other games of the time. I used to love when my mom would take me bowling with her cause they had PacMan and Phoenix I think it was called. To keep me out of her hair she would feed me change to play. I was obsessed.
Whoosh, ok I'm back in the future. Sorry bout the flashback folks.
A while back I found one of my old friends in the MS Revange of Arcade and there she was pretty as ever Ms PacMan.

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January 21, 2004

Latte anyone...

So D&D is selling Cappucino, Esspresso and Latte's and surprisingly the Latte is damn good. Now I'm ready for the expresso. Thank you D&D...

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January 20, 2004

I like soup...

I can't seem to get enuff. I just love soup.

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Hey Gretchen is back. Not that I've ever mentioned this here before but this is one of the 2 sites that started my whole blogging adventure. I've found myself lurking the site for a while now. As to why... I don't exactly know, find out for yourself. But I'm glad never the less...

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January 19, 2004

Since we last

Here it is the middle of January already and I'm still working on things I should have completed in 2003. How does this happen you ask. Well it get's kind of complicated.

Anyway this is 2004 and new things await me in 2004.

Spammers are really getting on my nerves. I've been reporting the ones that particularly piss me off to their providers. I find that for the most case the providers, like RackSpace, are a little too forgiving. One I reported, they did shutdown temporarily but they must have had some lame excuse that was acceptable by RackSpace and now they are back on. I cannot believe that they would allow this kind of unethical behavior using thier network.

Want to find out a little more about a spammer ...

To find sometime interesting info about a spammer you can look up his domain record. Whois.Net is a great place to go. You can ussualy learn Who and Where the sucker is from. Beware though, this can be falsified information. It is provided by the domain owner and can be incorrect.

I find I like retaliation so, what I like to do is lookup his WebHost provider and report him. To do this you need to find the the URL in the offending message. You will almost always have a link in the junk mail sent, pointing to his, or his customers site. Using the domain in the email address is a waste of time, it can easily be masked or impersonated. Find out where he's trying to get you to visit. Once you have the domain you will need to get the IP address. To do this open a command prompt and enter this command ...
nslookup {enter the domain here}
This will repond first with your DNS server name and IP then the domain you were looking up and the IP we are looking for.
Now we want to find out who owns this IP space. So let's go to ARIN and look it up.
Now this is not usually information about the spammer. It's information about who he is using as his provider to the internet space he is using. The primary web host so let's not send nasty letters to them, but what we want to do is report the spammer to them... On the results page from ARIN you will see a line containing : OrgAbuseEmail : and an email address. Usually abause@somedomain.com.
Send a complaint containing the original message from the offender to this address stating you are receiving unsolicited messages from {the domain in question}. This is usually enough to make most spammer's lives a little difficult. Believe me it will not stop them though. This is how they make money.

I am by no means claiming this is the end all to spam but I do like a little retaliation and I kinda get a kick out of seeing their site down the next day. This also may not be the best explaination in the world either. It's just me rambling it off so if you find I'm not completely on target don't shoot me. It just makes me feel better that I atleast tried to fight spam and maybe got one other person to do the same.

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January 15, 2004

Are you insane...

Ok before you click the link do this.
- Turn on the Speakers and allow the page to load fully
- be prepared stare at the screen without laughing
If you can't don't worry I'll understand.
Insane test

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January 13, 2004

Back to the Base

Well Jason left this morning. He's on his was back to post. Sucks. Felt like he just got home and then he's leaving. Well he'll be home again sooner or later.

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January 12, 2004

So you're building a webpages

Bradbury Software - TopStyle Pro CSS Editor / HTML Editor for Windows... If you're into building webpages this is what you want... Trust me there's nothing I've found to be any better.

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January 08, 2004

Simple SQL tutorial

This is a nice simple SQL tutorial for beginners. It covers the most common elements for using any SQL database... Have fun...

SQLCourse - Interactive Online SQL Training for Beginners

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January 07, 2004



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I'm hungry

You ever notice that when you are trying to loose weight you seem to be hungry all the time. Go figure. Well I hav'nt weighed in but I'm getting serious about loosing weight. In fact I've started a little 12:00 noon daily exercise. It's nothing major in fact it's quite lame. A simple set of 10 touch your toes and then a set of 10 push offs and then another of toes. Simple yes but can I keep it up. That's the whole idea of it, to get in a regimen of excersize no matter how small. In time I can step it up a notch but for now it's to get started. If I can keep that up, maybe I'll shell out for the gym and do that for lunchtime. That would really good.

I'm making my own font right now... Oh boy... Yet another toy found by Chris Pirillo... I wish I had the time on my hands like he does...

If you want the link send me a comment ... or you can peruse Chris's site.

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January 02, 2004

Happy New ????

It's official, 2004 is here. Spent the night at home capturing video to DV.

I'm gaining to much weight again. Most of what I lost is coming back and it's affecting me more and more. It's time to take a stand. Call it a new years resolution if you like but something has to be done. Enough procrastination already. From 200 to 215 not good. I'm at work and I'm tired.

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