November 28, 2003


So now I know I'm crazy. I went from buying a new car to buying this. View image

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November 27, 2003


Well to those of you who actually read this. The site was having problems with the entry viewing. I did an MT upgrade somewhere in the beginning of october and apparently all did'nt go well with the process. So in turn some pages were not written to the correct path... Grrrrrrr...
Well thanks to J this problem did not go undetected. I now believe I have corrected the issue. Hey is you notice any problems with the site please feel free to notify me... I'm sure if you got here you know my e-mail address.
L8r dudes & dudettes...

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November 24, 2003

Going on's

Well let's see... What has been going on.
The furniture in the living room has been moved around a bit, in order for a decent walkway. I was tired of bonking into the damn island we call a coffe table. Man that thing is big. It was also an attempt at making room for the computer but it did almost nothing.

Friday Kevin passed his fusing test. Congrats good friend. He and Cathy invited us out to then Outback for dinner to celebrate. Thank you. Yes we had a good time.

Pepper was fixed on Thursday and front paws declawed. She took it like a champ and seems to be almost back to normal already. Quick healer I guess.

Jack had his back surgery about a week ago and is on the road to recovery. I heard he was standing/walking already but I have yet to see it myself. If Cathy wants to post a comment on this please do...

Prior to that nothing much more has happened other than work, and that there is plenty of. The server has been flipped over to an old Proliant. No longer running on the old P2 400... and at the moment I really can't think of much more.

Christmas is coming and I'm sure that will bring plenty of new things in the works. For now I'm done...

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November 18, 2003


Well on this day I found out the Hank has past away yesterday... He was battling cancer and unfortunately the caner won. I feel a pretty big loss. I am glad however to have had the time spent with him while renovating the appartment. He was gracious enough to lend a hand while I was in need. In fact he was one of the few that actually did lend a hand. During the time we spent working I learned alot about him and I enjoyed our time spent. I've never really had the opportunity before to spend time with him so for me this was a great pleasure. He much like me had very little time to spare. So I found myself looking forward to him being there to help. Never a dull moment. I only wish we had more time to spend. I always looked up to him but I never knew exactly why and now I do. I am planning on a tribute page but have yet to design it. It will be at but I want to ask his immediate family if this is ok before I go bonkers.

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