September 20, 2003

Sptember Already

Well it's the middle of september already...
How do you like that ...
I'm fatigued but I have a feeling it will all be worth the while in some time. I'm gaining weight too... That really sucks. I tried so hard to loose the weight and here it comes back and it's hard to keep it down.

I've got a list of tasks to do and I'm trying to get myself organized. It's not an easy task considering I'm extremely disorganized and I'm kind of use to like it that way. Now I'm starting to like a little organization and I'm not good at it. I need someone to organize for me.

I finally made me some Clam Chowder last night... It was good. I enjoyed it. Hey I only make it a couple of times a year. It's worth the mention.

Marc is making very little effort to get a job so he's been financially cuttoff until further notice

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September 04, 2003


Well here I am on my vacation. As a matter of fact it's more than half over. It has yet to stop raining. It's making me so bummed. I wanted to take a trip to florida to see my dad but I'm not willing to fly in the rain. Anyway nobody wanted to go with me, so I just figured it's better not to go. So I've been home all week so far. It has not been nice out since sunday so what do you do.

So I've been trying to utilize the time by working on the PDS site it's turning out okay. I purchased a software package for client management and signup named PerlBill. The application is a nice looking app and seems to be pretty well coded. However after needing tech support twice and waiting just under 24hours for a response is not what I was looking for. I know it's just a small company answering many questions but hey add a few auto responders and say something like we are currently overwhelmed. Please be patient... I mean no response at all is not at all my cup of tea. So in turn I'm kind of aggrevated with the app itself. I think SRLNet has spoiled me.

I've got all kinds of prospet business but only 2 solid bites so far.

I've also somehow gotten myself involved with a prospect that is requiring an entire system build. I've gotta see where this goes. It really was'nt my intention to get involved in the area of system building but hey I can't turn down a job if it comes my way... I mean if I do get the job it will be right up my alley. Writing a system in UniVerse. The only problem is I think I'm coming weary of it. I still get enthusiastic sometimes but not too often anymore. I think it may be that I feel like I know it like the back of my hand and there really is'nt too much of a challenge to it anymore. I think writing from scratch may atleast give me some of it back.

Kevin's been trying to get himself a digital camera over the past 2-3 weeks. He's got himself stuck on one particular camera. The Olypus C5050... Now this camera is a nice camera but I think he may be a little too gung ho on this one. It's an expensive piece of equipment, and has quite a few features that at the moment he or even I don't know how to use. I mean I bought an expensive one too so I really can't say too much. Mine is a Sony and at the time was not my first choice. My first choice was an Olypus too, but the model I wanted when I picked it up felt like a toy. So I opted not to get it. I know Olympus should have been the better camera and all. I mean Sony is a technology company not an imaging company. But the Olypus just felt like a hollow piecve of equipment, like a toy so I just could'nt get myself to spend the money on it. The Sony was solid, made by a solid company and even though the Olypus was not a compact camera this is also a feature of the Sony that sold me. I know he will like the Olympus when he finally does get it. I think Cathy will like it too. I mean part of his point in purchasing this particular camerea is to make sure she is satisfied with it too.
Kev is a smart guy. I'm try to tap off and into his knowledge. I'd like to be able to teach him my field. I know he has the capability, it's just can he focus. Well I'm willing to take the time to find out. I think he can be a good programmer. Maybe a future shareholder. Hey ya never know. I know I learn from him quite a bit. He has a suttle way of making you want to learn from him without even trying. He does'nt force his ideas he just makes you think about it.

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