August 21, 2003

Powerhouse Digital Solutions

Well as of yesterday Powerhouse Digital Solutions, Inc. is official. The corparate folder was shipped out airmail. Next on to the fun stuff. All the work to make it functional. Although the site was up and running. It's far from complete and no way to collect money so I'm going to need to get setup under a CC merchant as well as Domain registrar would be nice.

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August 18, 2003

Back to work

Well it's monday and the blackout seems not to have had any long term effect. It's monday as usualy...

Yesterday we took some extra preventative actions and purchased 3 new UPS's 1 for each new computer and one to replace my oldest one. Blackout Buster...

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August 16, 2003

Blackout in the Red Room

So here it is August 2003 and we have one of the largest blackouts in history. August 14th at 4:11pm... I was driving home from Secaucas, listening to 1010Wins on the NJ Turnpike. Suddenly 1010Wins went silent. I'm thinking oh great now what's going on with the car. So I change to FM and see the 92.3 K-Rock is silent so I go scanning thru the channels to see if it's my radio or not. I find like 4 channels on the air. Ok so it's not my car stereo good, oh shit what could it be. So I'm driving along side Manhattan and I'm thinking terrorist attack on the Empire state building. Thank god I was able to see the Empire state building from where I was and all looked ok. Building still standing, no plume of smoke. Kind of relaxed me a bit. So as I was listening to the one station I found they finally made a comment to the power outage and how it affected other stations. Then I got a call from Marc. He thinks we have another BIG electrical problem in the housecause all the electric was out in the house. So I told him what I knew and we hung up. But I'm such a dummy as soon as I hung up realized I should have told him to shut down the servers in the house. They would have been on battery backup and unfortunaltely I don't have them connect so they UPS will shutdown the machines in event of a power failure. Needless to say I spent the entire trip home trying to get in touch with the house to shutdown the server... I never did and as I got home they must have had a crash shutdown moments before cause the UPS was still wailing it's alarm. Grrrrrrrr... Thank god nothing came of it though. All is well as far as I can see.
So it's still evening and plenty of light out so I start looking around to make sure we are prepared for night. Got plenty of candles, flashlights, batteries. I realized the phones were all cordless so I immediatly ran upstairs to Grandma's (Who is out at Uncle Marty's in Ronkonkamo.) To get an analog phone. Score, now we have a phone. The only thing we did not have was a damn battery operated radio. DOH!
The rest of the night we spent going in and out of the house hanging out with the Miller's on thier stoop. Sharon and Marc hung out eith Cathy until 3:30am but I went in around midnight to try to get some sleep. I planned on getting to work in the morning somehow.
I woke up to the phone ringing in the morning. I was hoping it was work telling me to stay home but unfortunately it was not. It was Grandma from Uncle Marty's telling me the power was back on. It was not though. It was still off here. So I she insisted I was wrong and she told me how they spent their evening, and again she asked me what time the power came back on it still was not. Uyyyy.... But as I was getting ready for work the power did come on. 8:25am... Thank god cause my fish were paying the price. I had already airated the water manually 4 times over the night. and I had just done it moments before the electric came back. But who knew the power would be back so shortly.
So I got to work without a problem. Due to the lights being back I would assume. So I got to my exit on the Hutch and low and behold the stop light was out. And there is this cop in his car not even directing traffic. So basically they were there in the event of an accident not to avoid one. Smucks... I pull up to work and everyone that came in is outside. Like 40% of the personnel came in. So right away I knew the power was still out. So I go inside and thank god the generators were on. The system was still up!!! The webserver was still taking orders!!! The only problem was the frame to corporate was down. Their generator ran out of fuel overnight. Why they did not have redundent fual sources is a little unbelievable. Here we are a subsidiary and we are able to hold up and they are'nt. So I spent half the day there until they were able to get themselves running so we could atleast ship from Secaucas.
Thank god I was ok on gas for the car. I mean I probably could have got gas in the morning but when I got home all gas stations were out of fuel. That would have been a problem. But needless to say all went well and nothing bad to report. Just an experiance to remember and pass on to the future.

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August 10, 2003


Here it is August and it is blazing hot... Not really hot I guess more of a NY style muggy. Heat is not really the problem it's the damn humidity.
Was at Kevin & Cathy's last night. Mayhem broke out. But so far nothing is too bad. It kind of strikes up concern though. I don't really want to mention anything further of it here because it is their private lives and not mine. But they are in my mind so I'll leave it at that.
During the week though Sharon & Cathy did a great job redecorating their bedroom. It's like a total change. As Cathy says the room now has ambiance.

On another note I need to clean up my office badly. It's not very productive with everything all over the place. Each time I need to do something it becomes a project in itself. Maybe I can get some of it done today.

In Powerhouse Digital Solutions news... It seems that I was able to scrape up our first good propect of a customer. Yay... With this comes great relief and confusion. I now need to juggle life a little more. However this seems like it should be rather profitable considering I will be doing Web Design as well as the hosting. I'd love to put a copy of the quote up here but I think that might just be wrong. I'm kind of excited yet concerned. This company also wants me to structure their EDI platform. This will also be a great jump. I'm hoping all this work comes my way and I'm not getting to skippy here. But we shall see. I'm sure it's only a few short days before I will know.

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August 05, 2003

Still nothing new

Jason is back in Texas now... He left last thursday the 31st...
I did'nt want him to leave but what can you do. The weather has been crappy since.
The truck has been givin me nothing but trouble lately. Damn thing just won't start. This is after the fortune I spent on it already trying to solve this problem. I've been told it's one thing, I have it fixed and then it still does it. Well I guess it's ok cause the other things would have to be done eventually anyway but damn I wish it would atleast start.
I'd mention a bit on how the business endevour is going but I've been lazy so I'll just say it is off the ground.

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