May 30, 2003

Holy Wonton BatMan

I just had to put this here for the pure horror of it. If you've got really bad taste in music. Here's a wingtip (again from CPirillo)...

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May 27, 2003

Memorial Day Weekend

Rain, Rain, Rain...
That is exactly what it did for the weekend I planned to work outside. If I'd planned to work inside it would have been a beautifull weekend. Needless to say I made the best of it. I made work inside.

Finally assembled the ping pong table. Yippee..... Then painted the outside of the office in the basement. That was a small one day project.
Next for the whopper. Fixing up the basement stairs.
Well the objective is to beautify and repair simultaneously. Boy oh boy can that be alot of work. Wanted to tile the steps and landing so had to replace 3 steps. They were falling apart. Sounds easy enuff. It's not! So here I am on another day off from work still fixing up the stairs.

I don't mind but I'd like to have everything done someday.

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May 21, 2003

Add it to the list

Ok, here's two more new projects to add to the list...

1) BBT Chart for the Web
2) Real Time blog is inevitable at this point. I hate rebuilding all the damn time.

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Hey why did'nt I think of that...

Now this is something that peaked my interest. I got this link from Chris Pirillo's blog. Strange Banana. This is something right up my alley. Something I would have loved to tackle.

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Well today was the day. I finally broke down and spent the measly $32 on the domain for the site. I am now the proud owner of I'd rather but someone got there first. You guessed it a Forste. Not one I know though. I will continue with as well but I think I may get another url for the blogs. They should be a little vague yet to the point. In fact this post should'nt be on it.

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May 20, 2003


Wow ... It looks kewl...

Was relatively quick and painless. We laid the rest of the marble chips into the path and laid some stepping stones.

This weekend we used our magnificent moveable wall to decorate the outside. This was supposed to be a simple task. Yeah right. Until I get thinking...
Needless to say this little project turned into a full fledge arche for the grapevine to flow. Giddy'up. It took an entire day so far to get it up and stable. This involved creating a replica of the movable wall and a top. What a task. I can still feel the pain. I guess I'm gettin outta shape again.
It looks great even though it's not finished yet. I'm happy. Can't wait to see it complete.

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May 16, 2003

Get in gear man...

I really have to get in gear. I just can't get my ass moving. I don't know what the hell it is. All I've been is tired. There are soooo many things I want to get done and so little is actually getting done. I need to get a list of objectives going so I can make things happen. I know there's plenty to do around the house. Ex. finish the bedroom closet, finish the yard, get moldings up, finish up the basement, etc... an the list go's on. But I'd also like to get myself placed in a business venture this year. I'd like to have an extra leg to stand on. I've got my little projects listed here but when will I get to them. Even better question is when do I want to. It seems I never do.

Better yet I need a venture that's going to last. I was thinking of starting a consulting firm, but I need someone to take the reigns with me. I can't just stop working at my current job to get this off the ground. I need to be able to focus on this as well, and in my current state of mind focusing does not come to easily. I'd love to be able to start a software company but that wil take time. I thought maybe I could apply for a grant to support us while I focus on this project. But what if it bomb. I can't sell it. What then. I have to go back into the job market. What if the jobs are'nt there. Grrrr.
I know I have the capabilty to do this. Do I have the guts.
I've had a couple of offerings of partnership but I'm a little worried about that too. It would make the financial burden a little less but it would also complicate things.

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May 15, 2003

I wanna be a Duke

This is the car I want ...

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May 14, 2003

Where am I

Let's see where am I in my little project land...
Let's me list em out here then maybe I can get a grasp on it.


- Photo Board (Code Name: Fotoz)
Written in Perl using Flat files for data storage
Started 11/2001
Fully functional w/some bugs but there are some enhancements I'd like to add after the bugs are fixed.
It is what the title says a photo board. Allows uploading of images. Auto thumbnailing moderation/administration and many other options. This started out a simple photo page generator and evolved into what it is today. It is in use here at

- Photo Rating system
Written in PHP using MySql for data storage
Started 3/2003
Rating part is functional / Configuration and user administration needs major work.
It was started as a project to enhance my PHP knowledge.

- MVEditor
Written in Visual Basic 6.0
Fully functional w/some bugs. There are some major enhancements in the list awaiting time to get to it.
This editor supports UVObjects a simple DAO to the Unverse Database. Code syntax highlighting is a major feature here. It can support any number of languages. There are many options in here to many to list.

- ActiveWhere
Written in Visual Basic 5.0 brought over to VB6.0
Started 3/2001
Fully functional No known bugs.
Meant to capture and record all keystrokes and active windows. Runs in the background. It can also be configured to transmit these keystrokes via TCP socket. The are some enhancements I'd like to add.

- Aim Watch
Written in Visual Basic 6.0
Started in 4/2002
In development.
It is meant to be a proxy for an AIM client in turn allowing logging.
This is at an early stage of development and will require more research to complete.

- Project Management
Written in Perl using MySql as a Database
In development
This was started to be a full featured project managment tool and is in early devolpment stage. It will probably be abandoned.

Other Things

- Convert tapes and records to MP3 / CDA
- Record a few of my own tracks using Cool Edit Pro
- Learn more about cascading style sheets
- Write my own blog tool in PHP ? maybe

Well I'm sure there's more I guess I'll figure em out later...

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Well I finally have the 2 KBI tapes ripped into mp3. Not perfect but still better than tape. Now I know how so I can do it for any recording. It's a little time consuming to break apart the tracks but other than that it turns out ok.

I aquired Cool Edit Pro and Cool Edit 2000 which should make it even easier and better quality. I have'nt evaluated it enuff to decide if it's feasable for a simple dup but we shall see. This falls into the catagory of how much time I have to play with it. I'd love to play with pro. It handle mutli track recordings. I could try to use it to record myself one trackat a time. Hey maybe I can finally put something down for myself ... Imagine that...

Did the weeks food shopping last night. What a task. Something that should be simple, turns into a f'ng fiasco. Then of course it follows thru to the rest of the evening. God forbid there's any resolve. Any simple resolve is better than nothing! It's better than letting it fuel the next fire. Grrrrrrrr........

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May 12, 2003

Happy Monday, Blah...

Oh How I hate Mondays...
Let me count the ways...
Well the weekend was too short as usual. Had some good, some bad. Too much work to be done. I've had pains for so long now I think I'm used to them. I don't even realize they are there. The only thing that's killing me is I just can't get enough rest. And when I could get some rest is when I don't want to... Sad bad true...
Well atleast I got the switch for the outdoors brought up. It's been on my nerves for a while now. Cleaned up a little more in the basement. Ughhhhh

Saturday was a mess... I can't even believe the petty crap that come out of old people. I mean... Seriously ... They worry about nothing and accuse for which they have no idea. They do not trust the ones they should and do the ones they should not. Go figure. If I ever get this crotchetty shoot me. (I probably will. I guess it's inevitable) It's hard to deal with someone like this if you are not used to it. I know how it is being in the wifes shoes. I've had similar episodes with her dad. What can you do. You forget or burn up trying to fix it in your head.

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May 05, 2003

Another Weekend, Another project down...

Well another weekend went by, and as usual there was work to be done. This time we attacked the kitchen countertop. Sounded to me like a failry simple task. However there is always Murphys Law to contend with.

Well we started Friday night by taking out the sink and ripping out the old counter top and splash guard. Well I think we found waterbug haven. After bringing the old one out we came back inside to find atleast 20-50 waterbugs of all sizes scrambling for cover. Spray like a half a can of raid on em. So needless to say the rest of the night was spent making sure we get no more critters. Went to the SuperMarkey and bought an arsenal of bug control products.

Saturday we got off to a late start. We had to get to a doctors appt for the wife, and get over to The Home Depot to exchange a saw I had bought for cutting the opening for the sink in the counter top (Another fiasco). So when I finally got to it, it was already 4 O'clock. I started by attempting to use my new Black & Decker Rotary saw. 30 seconds into cutting I broke a bit. So good thing I had the dremel with a few bits. This was a very slow process. I broke 5 bits in all by the time I got the opening and it was too small and I was out of bits. I really did'nt feel like going to The Home Depot again. Not just for bits, so I decided to see what would happen on a small cut with the jigsaw. Perfect cut. The jigsaw should have been my tool of choice from the beginning. Not only was the cut better. It was faster. I was able to cut around the hole in less the 1/8th of the time it took me with the rotary saw. So now that the couter top was prepared I went on to the next step.

Since the old counter top had no attached splash guard, the wall behind it was formica to match. The first task was to get the wall covered with the remains of the panels from around the stove. Sounds easy. Imagine that. I don't even want to get into the details of this one.

Needless to say the installation of the coutertop did not happen until sunday...
Well I'm glad it's done, and it looks good so I'm happy. Even after the fiasco...

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May 01, 2003

Site Template

Still working on the site template...
I'm hoping to get this VB template working. I got the idea from and it seemed to me that being a programmer using VB instead of word would suit me nicely. Once I get this one to work I'd like to have atleast one other so I can call it skinned.

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