January 06, 2011

FB hell

Seeing how facebook has taken over and devalued any blog out there. I think it's time to reInvent the independant blog. A blog is a form of venting and/or celebrating but the rise of Facebook has turned blogging into a lost art. It has more useless one line thoughts and implications and childish blubber than I can stand to read. I find it hard to admit, Yes, I have done the same.

It is odd to see adults acting like children and children acting like adults in a fantasy land. Thinking that their friends and the people who read what they have to say actually give a crap. Guess what, if they lost contact with you there's usually a reason. Atleast when you go to a blog either something peeked your interest or you do want to know something. It's not rammed down your throat because it was said and this is how the developers as facebook believe it should work. Thats why I'm a huge fan of multiple templates, views, designs and content filters for a blog...

Talking to someone in this arena can have some value, but when its misused to the level it has been... It become nothing more than a useless yahoo search.

If you've actually read this than you realize it was a simple rant of frustration and nothing more.

Posted by vance at January 6, 2011 01:42 AM
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